We are a "FULL SERVICE" Pet Crematory and Cemetery. We hold a firm belief that a Pet Crematory and Cemetery should make every effort to apply ethical services that all Pet Owners and Veterinarians alike will be able to utilize. Many Pet Owners may not have the financial freedom to have their Pet's Privately Cremated. Other Pet Owners do not believe in cremation and want their Pet's to be buried. Others DO NOT want the ashes of their Pet returned, but expect more than their pet's remains to end up in an open dump. We offer services to fit all situations unlike a lot of our competitors who simply offer Private Cremation Services leaving a large percentage of Pet Owners out.

Our Veterinarian services of Common Burial and Common Cremation, while being economical and available through the 330 Veterinarians we service, are buried on the same Restricted Pet Cemetery Grounds as our Formal Burials never to be disturbed. That is the reason we have the dedicated Pet Cemetery grounds.

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Welcome to the Western Farm Pet Crematory and Cemetery web site. We understand that many Pet lovers may not be familiar with the Pet burial and crematory industry. We have included information within this site that may help you to understand why pet crematories and cemeteries are a growing part of our culture and an essential option for pet owners who have lost a beloved pet. You will also find tours that will take you through our facility.